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A New Name and Logo to Match Our New Direction

By September 19, 2022October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Cliff notes on the new name:

·  RepSource is a play on words for resource

·  Rep = representative and reputable

·  Source because we directly manage vendor product, service, and representative changes at the source – their employer or supplier.

·  Inspiration came from our friends at SourceDay.

Cliff notes on the new logo:

·  All rep contact information (displayed as a rep’s card) is connected to the products and services they provide in a searchable database.

·  All changes are managed in the cloud – hence the cloud in our logo.

·  We keep our finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry ensuring that contacts for essential operations are always up to date.

How it Started       

Shortly after our REPCARDz beta programs wrapped up, we began analyzing user feedback and interviews to help guide our next moves.  As the product road map unfolded, we realized the REPCARDz name was not representative of our vision, so we made the bold move to change it.  The funny thing is we learned in retrospect most people thought REPCARDz was a business card printing company and didn’t like the “z” at the end.

The Story Behind the New Name

         Knowing the importance of marketing for establishing new product categories, we hired a new marketing firm to help guide the process.  Right out of the gate, the graphics designer nailed the new logo and colors, which better matched our bold vision and what we do at first glance.  REPCARDz VPO connects vendor representatives’ contact information to the products and services they provide in the cloud, so healthcare customers can easily keep pace, hence the EKG tracing.  The new logo looked fresh, modern, and clean, but something was still missing.

“Are you married to the REPCARDz name?” asked one of our mentors. No. We’re married to making an impact.  He explained REPCARDz doesn’t explain what we do.  It’s antiquated and not directionally accurate for what we provide. 

Now brainstorming new names, he suggested RepCloud and RepConnect, but neither name was available or affordable. 

In agreement now is the time to change the name if we were going to do it, the hunt for an available and descriptive name began.

         Armed with a dictionary, thesaurus, our product road map, GoDaddy, and bourbon, we quickly arrived at RepSource.  It was a perfect fit.  The end.

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