Healthcare's Leading Vendor Performance Optimization (VPO) Solution

Manual processes cost medical facilities and healthcare vendors millions of dollars every year in operational inefficiencies. That's why we built a better way to work together from one comprehensive solution.

Align Interests

RepSource aligns current, supplier-verified healthcare reps to the contracted products and services they provide in a database, searchable by name, company, product line, and product.  Accessible 24/7 to all medical facility shifts, departments, and personnel.

Centralized Vendor Scheduling Solution

Quickly locate and schedule the requested reps needed for on-site visits in just a few clicks. Now everyone – including the doctor’s office, department-specific personnel, and vendor representative(s) – is on the same page for all product and service requests across the facility.

Real-time Sales Lead Generation

Instantly connect your US-based customers to their facility-specific reps, directly from your corporate website, with a custom-coded RepSource website plugin that generates real-time qualified lead notifications to the right representative(s), 24/7.

Facility-Wide Healthcare Vendor Management

We’ve done all the tedious data mapping and heavy lifting to provide a SaaS solution that is cheaper, better, and faster to deploy than building it yourself.

See how RepSource can streamline operational efficiencies and save you time and money in the process.

Manual processes are killing your bottom line.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Representatives’ business cards taped to the OR walls
  • Rolodexes stuffed with outdated business cards
  • Calling the former rep or a company colleague to find the current rep
  • Sitting on hold with customer service just to find a representative’s contact information…

RepSource reduces the healthcare vendor representative contact information search from 15 minutes to 15 seconds.


of healthcare providers said they first reach for a Rolodex of business cards to contact their vendor representative
of business cards are thrown away–or lost–within a week.
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