Increase Contract Compliance and Security.

Reduce Staff Stress and Wasted Time.

Contracted Reps Now At Your Fingertips

No more updating spreadsheets, fumbling through emails or business cards, or waiting on hold forever with customer service. RepSource provides a facility-wide, contracted vendor representative database, and centralized vendor scheduling solution. Just search for your facility-specific rep(s) by name, company, product line, and product to find and schedule your reps in seconds.

One comprehensive VPO database
+ a centralized vendor rep scheduling solution
= business continuity and contract visibility like never before.

Don’t let missing vendors or products waste your OR time and erode your profit margins.

Reduce vendor-related case delays by up to 75%

  • The average hospital doing 8,300 cases per year loses nearly $1M in lost profit every year from vendor-related case delays.
  • Vendor-related case delays cost $1330 per delay and 24% more than other case delays

Reduce duplicative product and service coordination efforts by >66%

Our centralized vendor scheduling solution connects the doctor’s office, vendor representatives and department-specific hospital personnel to:

  • Ensure critical details are communicated
  • Duplicative calls, texts, and emails are omitted
  • Everyone is on the same page, accountable, and prepared.
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One comprehensive VPO to power vendor connections and coordination of

procedures maintenance installations in-services demos business reviews inventory counts patient consults business meals

Accessible 24/7 to all departments, shifts, and personnel, RepSource aligns current vendor representatives to the contracted products and services they provide, in a searchable database especially curated for your facility. Now your healthcare product and service experts are always at your fingertips for peerless patient care, every time.

Why Now?

Constant changes derail your operational and clinical efficiencies.

Enhance business continuity by automating processes. Offset any gaps in institutional knowledge or industry contacts to ensure seamless operations for staff at all times, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
Maintain a regularly updated, cloud-stored virtual directory of supplier-verified vendor representatives. Now past employer credentials are automatically revoked, increasing cyber, data, and patient security.
Increase your speed and sustainability of contract compliance with easy visibility of the products’ red, yellow, or green contract status, indicating whether a product or service is off-contract, in negotiation, or on-contract.
Reduce supply chain disruptions with product line searches for alternate vendor products and contacts.
Omit duplicative coordination efforts with our centralized scheduling solution providing product and service request visibility to the doctor’s office, vendor representatives, and department-specific facility personnel. 
Put transparency of contracted product and service requests on autopilot across clinical care teams with a centralized vendor scheduling solution.

Why RepSource?

RepSource is a unified platform for instant vendor connectivity and scheduling.


  • On-contract spend
  • Cyber, data and patient security
  • Workflow efficiencies
  • Timely patient care and service
  • Provider and patient satisfaction scores


  • Duplicative coordination work
  • Delayed and canceled cases from vendor miscommunication
  • Equipment downtimes
  • Medical/product errors
  • Waste
  • Search for contracted vendor representatives by name, company, product line, product name, keyword, or re-order number.
  • Comprehensive vendor management across departments – Surgery, IT, Administration, Facility Maintenance, Food Services etc.
  • Select and save favorite reps for easy recall
  • Colleague trees and out-of-office notifications with alternate contacts to ensure a point of contact
  • Quickly view on-call reps for support on nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Vendor credentialing integrations available for easy visibility of the credentialing status of representatives for on-site visits.
  • Little to no heavy lifting is required by facility IT departments, healthcare personnel, or technical resources for RepSource implementation
  • Fast, secure internet connection
  • Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox browser compatible
  • No Protected Health Information (PHI) is included or needed in the application
  • Built on AWS with industry-leading security for added protection
  • All usernames and passwords are 256-bit encrypted in transit and storage
  • IT Risk Assessment Approval

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