Are You Over It?

  • Limited Customer Access
  • Delayed contract compliance
  • Losing market share through rep, role, and territory transitions
  • Constantly rebuilding customer relationships and tribal knowledge

“We’ve always done it this way” wastes millions in time and revenue opportunities. 

It’s time for RepSource. We optimize rep performance with alignment at the source.


We’re Changing the Game.

Instantly connect customers to your experts. 

  • Remove the manual, response-delayed barriers.
  • Strike while the iron’s hot, 24/7.
  • RepSource powers corporate website plugins and hospital aggregated databases to make the connection in seconds.

Protect and grow your market share

  • Whether growing rapidly, restructuring or adapting through turnover, we’ve got you covered.
  • Our customer-facing solution ensures all your customers have a direct line to their current and alternate experts, 24/7.

Gain access and first-call advantage

  • Customers can now request your contracted product or service in 1 click.
  • Get real-time qualified leads delivered straight to your inbox.
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Ensure All Your Customers Always Have a Point of Contact

Colleague trees for teams that support the same product to meet urgent needs

Easily communicate on-call contacts for support on evenings, weekends, and holidays

Omit the worry. Designate alternate contacts with out-of-office notifications.

Why RepSource?

The RepSource database contains:

  1. One Solution, 2 new customer facing access points to your reps
  2. Privacy protected from competitors, headhunters and search engine indexing.
  3. Healthcare data mapping experts with 25 combined years of expertise in mergers and acquisitions, master account synchronization and product search
  4. Carefully mapped and continuously updated with merger and acquisition activity, to connect your healthcare customer to the right rep every time.
  5. Omit the cost and IT burden of mapping your rep and product data to multiple systems.

Why Now?

Healthcare is going digital, but connecting to reps is manual, delayed, and abandoning sales.

Time and access matter now more than ever.

  • Why add an exhaustive search to an already full plate? 76% of healthcare buyers rate ease of finding information as a top priority.
  • Provide a direct line to your facility-specific experts for support 24/7.
  • Maximize opportunities to gain customer access, despite restrictions.
  • Remove manual connection barriers while protecting privacy and proprietary information.
  • The great resignation means industry knowledge, contacts and relationships are being lost at a rapid clip. Ensure your reps stay top of mind and easily accessible.
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Give your customers the RepSource easy button.

We reduce the contact information search from 15 minutes to 15 seconds.

As healthcare industry professionals, we understand your world never stops and neither does our tech. That’s why we created a platform that’s available 24/7 to instantly connect your US customers directly to their facility-specific reps for all their product and service needs.

Corporate Benefits

Real-time qualified leads directly from your corporate website

The custom-coded RepSource plug-in adds the ability to instantly connect verified healthcare customers with their facility-specific representatives, directly from the corporate website, within seconds, 24/7.

Privacy protection

Protecting the privacy and contact info of reps is paramount. RepSource screens and excludes competitors and headhunters from accessing company rep and product information by continuously verifying customer identities and employment status.

Easily supplement and update your CRM 

Integrations available via our Application Programming Interface (API) for lead collection, prospect inquiries, and maintaining updated customer contact information.

Eliminate administrative delays and customer frustrations

Forget manually answering online inquiries and customer service calls with redirects. The RepSource VPO database powers 2 new access points available 24/7 for directly connecting customers to facility-specific rep(s).

Built-in Virtual Rep Roster

Search for current company colleagues by name, product, product line, account, and city and state.  Easily update RepSource at any time with rep changes in the cloud. Our platform continuously validates active employment status.

Save the trees

Reduce or omit printing business cards altogether. Now they’re digital, available 24/7, and cannot get lost or thrown away.


  • Built-in company directory to search for colleagues by name, account, city/state, product line, product name, keyword, or re-order number.
  • Out-of-Office and On-Call notifications with alternate contacts for support, 24/7.
  • Product mapping is quick and easy with our FDA database integration.
  • Personal and customer service phone numbers, products, product lines, profile pictures, and corporate email addresses are displayed.

Sales Lead Features

  • Customer contact information verified against 800K+ HCO database with competition and headhunter exclusion parameters included.
  • Sales lead notifications are delivered directly to your local reps in real time.  No searching, delays, or waiting is required.
  • Provider scheduling for requesting products and services.

IT Requirements:

  • API data mapping
  • Fast, secure internet connection
  • Any mobile or desktop device
  • Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox browser compatible


  • All rep and product information gated to verified healthcare customers only, with competition, headhunter, and search engine indexing exclusion included
  • Built on AWS with industry-leading security for added protection
  • All usernames and passwords are 256-bit encrypted in transit and storage

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