Make it easy for clinical staff to stay on contract.

We align contracted products and services with local supplier reps managed at the source.


“We’ve always done it this way” wastes millions in time, money, and patient care. 


It’s time for RepSource.

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We're Changing the Game

RepSource is reimagining how healthcare facilities and the healthcare industry work together more efficiently.

We are the healthcare industry’s leading Vendor Performance Optimization (VPO) software as a service (SaaS) solution. 

We partner directly with healthcare facilities and suppliers (B2B – the source) to provide a customer-facing solution aligning current healthcare reps to the contracted products and services they provide in a searchable database. 

Now all clinical care teams in every department of the healthcare facility have a direct line to the contracted reps, products, and services they need for peerless patient care, every time.

What is VPO?

  • Vendor Performance Optimization (VPO) is an emerging product category that medical facilities and healthcare vendors utilize to build mutually beneficial relationships.  
  • VPO platforms help medical facilities increase supplier compliance and collaboration by quickly identifying the right contracted partners to meet their patients’ needs.
  • Implementation initiatives include cost optimization, operational workflow efficiencies, increased security, risk mitigation, and top-line growth from supplier innovations.


Manual & Outdated

  • Siloed & Tenure Dependent
  • Manual & Physical Access
  • Call Customer Service & Wait
  • Duplicative Calls, Texts, Emails


Digital & Continuously Updated

  • Digital & Available to All Personnel
  • Automatic & Accessible Online 24/7
  • Search Database & Call Rep
  • Provider Requests Rep(s) w/ 1 Click

One Comprehensive Platform

to Power Healthcare Connections in Seconds

Why Now?

Healthcare operations continue to run up a down escalator–with manual processes that could be automated by technology–costing both medical facilities and healthcare suppliers millions of dollars every year in operational inefficiencies.

  • Supply chain disruptions

  • Inflating operations costs 

  • Shifting healthcare delivery, demand and access

  • Off-site supply chain personnel

The Great Resignation = Lost Tribal Knowledge and The Great Retraining


turnover rate of all hospital employees in 2021


of nurses plan to retire in 2022


of medical vendor representatives have < 2 years tenure


of reps plan to leave their job within 2 years

Why add an exhaustive vendor representative search to an already full plate?

76% of healthcare buyers rate ease of finding information as a top priority.

Why RepSource?

The RepSource database contains:





Integrated with the FDA database for trusted product information.

Automated management of rep and product information by suppliers.  Not reps.

Healthcare data mapping experts with 25 combined years of expertise in mergers and acquisitions, master account and contract synchronization, and product search.

RepSource automates, keeps pace, and aligns all the changing reps, roles, territories, products, and services in a searchable database, so healthcare can get back to what matters most – patient care.


Make Tomorrow Easier

Now every medical facility instantly has all vendor contacts at their fingertips to perform at the highest level.

And every healthcare supplier can rest assured their product and service representatives have a direct line to their customers. Virtual or In-Person.

Comprehensive Healthcare Vendor Management

Quickly find my rep

Save time and frustration. Easily search for current healthcare representatives by name, company, product line or product to locate their digital REPCARD with email and phone numbers. Plus, save your favorite REPCARDz™ for easy recall later.

Verified users only

Get the assurance you need. All healthcare providers and vendor representatives must verify their employment and identity through our prompt, proprietary process before gaining access to the RepSource™ database. No exceptions.

Trusted information

Stay up to date. RepSource™ continuously verifies our database of representatives, so you always have the latest information at your fingertips. Plus, when your rep changes territories, companies, or takes a vacation, you’ll get an in-app notification and an alternate contact when available.


Reduce duplicative calls, texts, and emails to vendor representatives. RepSource includes a centralized vendor scheduling solution with the facility-wide VPO searchable database to ensure the right products and services needed for timely patient care are available on time, every time.

Who We Serve?

Sales & Marketing



Supply Chain

Clinical Management

RepSource™ serves the leading healthcare facilities and healthcare suppliers adopting a digital strategy to better provide peerless patient care–while reducing costs–through constant personnel and product changes.

Our comprehensive solution meets the needs of both sides by providing verified information directly to the target audience in real-time.

See Our Solutions

Healthcare facility examples include:

  • IDNs
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Medical Clinics
  • Doctor’s Offices

Healthcare vendor examples include:

  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • IT Providers
  • Administrative Solutions
  • Facility Service Providers

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